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Our Services

The core team of Techbro Software has experts from Design, Programming and Management fields. Together, we create end to end solutions for your organizations. We are happy to have the most creative, talented and professional people working with us. We provide end to end Adobe AEM services.

Adobe AEM Offshore Development

Offshore Development is about reducing the costs usually involved with software development operations by hiring highly specialized personnel located in a low-cost Environment, such as India.

We are specialized in Adobe CQ5/AEM development. We have a dedicated team of Account Managers, Adobe CQ5 Architect, Senior CQ5 Developers, CQ5 Developers and web designers which provide full range of Adobe CQ5 offshore Development services.

  • Re-engineer and port existing systems to match current needs.

  • Develop or improve business applications.

  • Adobe CQ5 Website Development

  • E-Commerce application Development with Adobe CQ5/AEM

  • Web applications Development with AEM/CQ5

  • Creating and customizing CQ5 Components

  • Developing JCR Query based components

  • Building OSGI bundles and deploying in various Felix environments. ·

  • Developing and controlling work flows.

you get access to a very valuable resource pool of highly skilled and experienced IT professionals in Adobe AEM who are able to guarantee world-class quality of developments , integration and support and at a very affordable price.

  • Adobe AEM Integration with Adobe Products like Adobe Analytics, Search promote, Adobe target, Adobe Campaign etc.

  •  Adobe AEM Integration with Non Adobe Products(sales-force, Eloqua, CRM etc)

  • Migration from Other CMS to Adobe AEM

  • AEM integration with Hybris and other e-commerse systems

  • AEM integration Apache Solar

Adobe AEM Integration, Migration AND Upgrade

Adobe AEM Consulting

We provide consulting services in Adobe CQ4, CQ5 and AEM6.0, AEM 6.1 projects in terms of conception, architecture, implementation and migration. Consulting services starts from project kick off and end after project went live in production. Our technical team help can help you setting up development environment, setting up CQ5 development team at customer location and provide proper guidance to onsite team
On site we act as architects or lead developers or we are providing consulting know-how for these roles. In close collaboration with shared near- as well as off-shoring teams.​

  • Developing AEM Architecture for various customers

  • Setting up Author instance and Publish Instance in various environments

  • Setting up new AEM application from scratch

  • Setting up Production servers with clusters

  • Setting up Dispatcher for AEM servers

  • integrating AEM with LDAP OR SAML

We provide maintenance and support services for Adobe AEM applications which are already developed or are in production. We can help you in

  • Upgrading your application from older version to the newer version of AEM.

  • Our expertise and experience can help you in fixing your performances issues.

  • Enhancement and defect fixing in existing application

  • Code refactoring and quality improvement

  • Performance Tuning

  • Re-engineer existing systems to match current needs.

  • Help in resolving your production issues.

  • Production support

  • AEM System Administrator Managed Services

Adobe AEM Operations, Support and Maintance

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